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Mordechai Juni

Mordechai is a postdoctoral fellow working with Miguel Eckstein in the VIU lab. His research lies at the intersection of cognition, perception and decision-making, with an emphasis on computational modeling and ideal-observer analyses. He completed his doctoral studies at NYU working with Larry Maloney and Todd Gureckis. His aims are to understand and improve how we gather, process and combine sensory, abstract and artificial information to make decisions, both individually and together with other people.

Research topics

1) Search: how do we go about gathering information?
2) Learning: how do we process novel information?
3) Cue combination: how do we integrate conflicting information?
4) Outlier detection: how do we disregard extraneous information?
5) Cost-benefit analysis: how do we decide when to stop gathering information?
6) Decision making: how do we act given the current information?
7) Group decision-making: how do we reach joint decisions with other people?
8) Wisdom of crowds: how can we benefit by combining people's judgments?


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Email: juni [at] psych [dot] ucsb [dot] edu